Before Morrison’s Sunday night talk to the nation over two-thirds of Australians (69%) claim they are self-isolating

Original article by Roy Morgan
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 30-Mar-20

Over two-thirds of Australians (69%) claim they are following Government directives to self-isolate as much as possible to fight the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. However, 31% say they are ‘not’ self-isolating, according to a special Roy Morgan Snap SMS survey of an Australia-wide cross-section of 2,069 Australians aged 18+ conducted on Friday March 27 and Saturday March 28. Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine says that 69% of Australians claim they are self-isolating even before Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s directive on Sunday evening to restrict public gatherings to only one other person you are not living with. She adds that this figure is remarkably high when one considers the rising fatality counts in many overseas countries. Levine says Roy Morgan will repeat this survey in the next few days to determine whether Morrison’s appeals to self-isolate in no more than groups of two and avoid contact with people will lead to a rise in Australians who claim to be self-isolating or not.


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