Wineries count cost of smoke on premium grapes

Original article by Simon Evans
The Australian Financial Review – Page: 16 : 14-Jul-20

Tyrrell’s Wines stated in late January that it might not be able to use 80 per cent of its grape crop because of smoke taint from the summer bushfires. However, MD Bruce Tyrrell says it ended up not being able to make wine from 85 per cent of its crop, with most of the grapes it could not use being consumed by cattle. He says the problem of smoke taint from bushfires is something the wine industry is likely to have to deal with again some time in the next 10 years. Cassegrain Wines, which had its grape intake cut by 70 per cent because of smoke taint, will be part of a three-year research project that will look at new ways of dealing with grapes exposed to smoke.


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