Roy Morgan Image of Professions Survey 2021: In a year dominated by COVID-19 – health professionals including Nurses, Doctors and Pharmacists are the most highly regarded; but almost all professions down from pre-pandemic

Original article by Roy Morgan
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 28-Apr-21

Health professionals have again been rated as Australia’s most highly regarded professions in Roy Morgan’s latest Image of Professions Survey, but there have been declines for almost all professions compared to four years ago. Of all 30 professions surveyed in 2021, only one profession, Union Leaders, increased their rating compared to four years ago, while 29 professions have a lower image now than in 2017 pre-pandemic. Some 88% of Australians (down 6% from 2017) now rate Nurses ‘very high’ or ‘high’ for their ethics and honesty, followed by Doctors on 82% (down 7% since 2017), Pharmacists on 76% (down 8%), School Teachers on 74% (down 7%), and Dentists on 71% (down 8%). These are the main findings of a Roy Morgan online survey conducted from April 13-22, 2021, with 1,267 Australian men and women aged 14+.


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