collins-streetABIX was founded in 1981 by Neil Speirs, a former finance journalist with John Fairfax Holdings. Speirs aimed to create an electronic substitute for the Fairfax library of press clippings. The database contained indexed entries to strictly business, financial, company, industry and trade news in Australian newspapers and Australasian journals.

Ten titles, including The Australian Financial Review, Business Review Weekly, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, were indexed on a monthly basis and became a cumulative edition every 12th issue.

The information was disseminated in several ways. Material was available on microfiche from the early 1980s to the mid 1990s. An online service, AUSINET, was also used from 1982 to 1999. By the early 1990s, around 30 titles were being covered, and entries were still only around one line long.

In 1992 ABIX jumped to approximately 90 titles and the one line entry became an abstract, meaning that a more detailed, 100-word summary of an article was required.

In 2005 ABIX was acquired by Lexis Nexis with a desire to bring an added area of information expertise to LexisNexis.

In 2013 ABIX was purchased by Roy Morgan Research. Since its foundation in 1941, Roy Morgan Research has built a reputation for providing accurate, meaningful, insightful information to help society come to grips with reality and to help marketers, the media, governments and institutions make better, more informed decisions.