Roy Morgan releases 2018 pre-tax profit of $1.8 million (EBITDA $3.2m)

Original article by Michele Levine, CEO, Roy Morgan Research
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 19-Oct-18

Financial Year 2018 for Roy Morgan was one of transformation and new opportunities for Roy Morgan’s staff, clients and partners. The full year pre-tax profit of $1.8m (EDITDA $3.2m) was below the previous pre-tax profit of $5.1m (EBITDA $6.1m), reflecting the ongoing world-wide structural changes in the information and market research industry. The above results include Roy Morgan’s small profits in the UK & USA, and small losses in New Zealand & Indonesia. In Indonesia Roy Morgan invested in new products including "Helix Personas for Indonesia" which should grow revenue streams in the coming years. Roy Morgan is well placed for the Financial Year 2019 with a first Quarter unaudited pre-tax profit of $988,000 (EBITDA $1.45m). Roy Morgan’s latest pre-tax profits are after continued investment in the critical R&D and innovation that is the future. In the year ahead Roy Morgan will continue to focus on providing accurate information to those people in businesses, companies or institutions who believe this is essential for a democracy to survive. Click here to view the full report


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