Flinders’ plan to delist angers small holders

Original article by Paul Garvey
The Australian – Page: 29 : 14-Dec-18

Shares in Flinders Mines were placed in a trading halt on 13 December, after the iron ore producer flagged plans to delist. Chairman Neil Warburton says Flinders’ board considered a number of options for its iron ore project in the Pilbara and felt that going private is the best strategy, as it will allow the company to gain funding from private equity firms and other funds that invest in such projects. The delisting proposal has the support of its major shareholder, Todd Corporation.


2 thoughts on “Flinders’ plan to delist angers small holders

  1. What is that a report from a Journalist or just copy paste BullShit…. who about r he minority Shareholders and how unfair of a rule is that, or the suppression of any positive news for 2/3 Yes for FMS Shareholders and how Managment are wasting our money and no progress with over 1.4 billion Tones of iron ore and Vanadium????? Do you research as a Journalist before you paste.!!!

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