Item 6 – Summer Health Series – Hips don’t lie (but they can hurt!)

Original article by Zac Jones – BandTherapy
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 10-Jan-19

Do you ever get tight at the front of your hips after a long ride or run? Maybe after an intense workout the next day you struggle to walk with stiffness or pain. If this is the case then chances are you are not connecting the deep muscles of your legs to your spine properly. If you don’t connect these muscles (called iliopsoas) then you have to work twice as hard to move your body. That extra effort just to get things moving can be a key reason why you get tight, stiff and sore in your hips! This also applies if you have had or are considering a hip replacement, because that extra contraction of the muscles around the hip socket without release and access to free movement can render you vulnerable to reinjury and delay rehabilitation. There is no doubt the key areas of the hips and pelvis need to be strong to be able to do everything we ask of them, but too often we confuse strength with rigidity. The best way to approach freeing up the hips so we can move better pain free whilst also developing strength is to read more at


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