Australia Facing a Brick Wall of Blackouts by Jerry Ellis and Sir Rod Carnegie

19 February 2019

The Chairman of the Saltbush Club, Mr Jerry Ellis, today warned that Australia needs more reliable baseload power.

“With the population and the economy growing, but with electricity availability and reliability in decline, we are racing headlong into a brick wall of blackouts.

“Recession and disruption will probably follow, bringing to mind those memorable 1990 words of Paul Keating: ‘This is the recession we had to have’. Except in this case the recession will be self-inflicted.

“Much of my working life was in the steel industry in the 1970s and 1980s. It operated 24×7, with large numbers of electric motors requiring a continuous supply of low-cost electrical power. Un-planned interruptions were rare, but when they occurred they were very costly.

“Now we face the prospect of planned and unplanned loss of power due to the rundown of base-load power capacity. It must be a nightmare for today’s steelmakers and aluminium refineries facing this growing crisis.

“It is essential that Australia rebalances economic imperatives against populist ideas regarding the release of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

“A strong Australian economy is crucial to Australia’s welfare and will also make a valuable contribution to world prosperity.

“Australia produces a tiny proportion of the world’s carbon dioxide. Even total closure of our industry would have no detectable impact on carbon dioxide emissions or global climate.

“We urgently need new supplies of reliable energy from coal, gas, hydro or nuclear.”

Jerry Ellis was supported by Sir Rod Carnegie, former Managing Director, CEO and Chairman of CRA (Rio Tinto) who said:

“It is essential that Australia regains its reputation for cheap reliable electricity or we will lose our manufacturing and refining industries, returning only to our backbone industries of agriculture and mining”.

Jerry Ellis

Jerry Ellis once managed Australia’s biggest steelworks at Port Kembla, and one of the world’s largest mining enterprises BHP minerals. He is a past Chairman of BHP and of Landcare.

Sir Rod Carnegie
PA Phone: 0419 329 700

Saltbush Club
Viv Forbes

One thought on “Australia Facing a Brick Wall of Blackouts by Jerry Ellis and Sir Rod Carnegie

  1. At one part in 2500 of CO2 in the Air, how does double that have any impact, that is 800ppm or one part in 1250 of Air.

    If you wish to demonstrate how implausible it is for CO2 to have any impact take 2500 ping pong balls.
    Colour 1950 Blue for Nitrogen … Colour 524 White for Oxygen … 25 Orange for Argon [1%] and one Green Ping Pong Ball for CO2, Green as CO2 is plant food and one part in 2500.

    That is a fair representation of the components of Air.

    Place in a suitable container and stir. Try to find the CO2 that magic component that is blocking the Sunlight.

    That CO2 can have any influence on Temperature is a rather unreasonable proposal.

    While that demonstration may or may not be considered Science, it does raise questions about the validity of the arguments being placed against CO2 as a hazard and certainly does query how on Earth does CO2 possess such magic.

    A “magician” doing a show at functions which have significant numbers of “non believers” might make a career with a simple demonstration such as this.

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