Poverty, gap between rich & poor and Housing affordability, Housing shortage & Homelessness key issues as New Zealand votes in Election

Original article by Roy Morgan Research
Morgan Poll Update – Page: Online : 18-Sep-17

A New Zealand Roy Morgan poll shows that 27.9% of New Zealanders believe that Economic issues 28% (up 1% since May 2017) or Housing-related issues 26% (up 3%) are the most important problems facing the nation in the lead-up to the election on 23 September. Within the group of Economic & Housing-related issues the most important issues are Poverty and the gap between rich & poor (mentioned by just under 17% of respondents), House prices & Housing affordability (mentioned by 16% of respondents), and Housing shortages & Homelessness (mentioned by 10% of respondents). Roy Morgan Research CEO Michele Levine says Labour Party Leader Jacinda Ardern’s strong focus on dealing with issues surrounding Housing affordability and the housing shortage and homelessness appear to have struck a chord with the electorate.


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