Adshel and Roy Morgan partnership takes geo-location targeting to new heights – LIVE | WORK | SHOP

Original article by Roy Morgan Research
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 12-Oct-17

Adshel and Roy Morgan Research have announced a ground-breaking partnership that, for the first time, gives advertisers the ability to profile and precisely target locations where commuters work and shop – not only where they live. Adshel is Roy Morgan’s foundation out-of-home partner on Helix LIVE | WORK | SHOP. The game-changing partnership will allow Adshel to provide enriched data for more precise targeting, profiling those who transit through specific locations to shop and work. Helix is Australia’s leading geo-digital psychographic segmentation tool. The added data layer the partnership delivers to advertisers reflects the growing importance and power of geo-location marketing to identify, reach and target consumers based on their physical location. Utilising Roy Morgan’s Helix Personas for location profiling across Adshel’s national network, together with revolutionary advancements in data science, media agencies and marketers will be able to drill down on commuter data like never before – identifying those who live in a particular location, as well as those who visit that area to work or to shop.


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