Only one-in-three South Australians believe ABS unemployment estimate

Original article by Roy Morgan
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 16-Jan-18

A special Roy Morgan SMS Survey taken on 11-12 January shows that only 32% of South Australians believe that unemployment in the State is close to 5% or less, while two-thirds believe the figure is closer to 10% or higher (41% say closest to 10%, 15% say closest to 15% and a further 12% say closest to 20%). The latest South Australian Roy Morgan real unemployment and under-employment figures for the December 2017 quarter show unemployment of 10.9% and under-employment of 9.5%, for a total unemployment and under-employment rate of 20.4%. This compares to the latest ABS unemployment figure for South Australia of 6.1% for November 2017. Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine says the South Australian electorate is divided about who to vote for at the State Election in March. The party that can put forward believable policies addressing the key issues of jobs and a guaranteed energy supply will win Government. Since the Labor Government was first elected in 2002 they have not sought to deal with the major issue of "real" South Australian unemployment. Instead they’ve "covered it up by" increasing Government jobs and Government spending – like other State Governments across Australia – a "false" economy and unsustainable.


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