Economic Issues dominate Australians’ problems in 2018

Original article by Roy Morgan
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 6-Mar-18

Roy Morgan has explored the concerns of Australians in interviews with a representative cross-section of 650 Australians aged 14+ in February 2018. The in-depth research found that Australians regard economic issues as the major problems facing the nation and the world at large. Economic Issues (led by Financial problems and Cost of living, Unemployment, Economic problems, Housing affordability, Poverty and the gap between rich and poor) were mentioned by 32% of Australians as the most important problems facing the nation. When considering the wider World, the largest theme to emerge was again concerns related to the Economy, mentioned by just under 25% of Australians (led by the issue of Poverty and the gap between rich and poor) ahead of the 22% of Australians who mentioned Environmental issues and a further 19% of respondents who mentioned issues related to War & Terrorism.


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