Word of Mouth in 2018 – Australians still like to give and seek advice

Original article by Roy Morgan
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 14-May-18

A Roy Morgan Single Source survey shows that more than 91% of Australians aged 14+ have either sought advice from, or been the source of advice for their friends or family. The most discussed topic amongst Australians aged 14+ is "buying a car", with nearly two thirds (65%) of the population either playing the role of a trusted adviser (those whose advice has been sought by friends or family), an information seeker (those who go to friends/family for advice) or both. Eating out at restaurants is the second most discussed topic (62%) and planning a holiday or trip comes in third (59%). Less than half of the population seek or give advice on categories relating to mobile phones (47%), home entertainment or electronics (43%), signing up to an Internet provider (40%), finance and investments (39%), home renovations (39%), and health and nutrition (37%). In all categories, Australians tend to be more Info Seekers rather than Trusted Advisers.


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