Millennials and Gen Z greatest growth potential for general insurance

Original article by Roy Morgan
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 17-May-18

A Roy Morgan Single Source survey has found that 40.9% of Generation Z and 79.9% of Millennials had any type of general insurance in the year to March 2018. This compares with Baby Boomers (93.0%), Pre-Boomers (91.3%) and Gen X (90.6%). These older age groups are close to saturation with general insurance, leaving the major future growth potential with Millennials and Gen Z. The survey also shows that Gen X currently accounts for 29.5% of the value of the annual domestic general insurance premium market, followed by Baby Boomers with 28.1%. These two generations combined account for 57.6% of the current total estimated annual premium value of $23.3b for this market. Although Millennials account for 23.1% of the total premium value, their general insurance penetration of only 79.9% leaves a large market opportunity as their needs grow over the next decade. Gen Z currently accounts for only 7.4% of market value but with an overall general insurance penetration of only 40.9% there is a great growth opportunity in coming years.


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