Victorians give their views on the next State Government – Whether that is an ALP or L-NP Government

Original article by Roy Morgan
Morgan Poll Update – Page: Online : 19-Nov-18

Victorians have given their views on the next State Government in a special snap SMS Morgan Poll ahead of this week’s election. ALP supporters mostly felt great about Premier Daniel Andrews and the job he is doing. Their concerns, if any, were related to the potential for the Government to engage in excessive spending and running up the debt. ALP supporters also mentioned the handling of the dispute between the Country Fire Authority and Metropolitan Fire Brigade and the closeness of the Andrews Government to unions including the United Firefighters’ Union. There were also concerns expressed about the Government’s commitment to rural infrastructure, increasing crime and the recently revealed deal with China. L-NP supporters’ concerns about Liberal Leader Matthew Guy leading a Liberal-National Government encompassed his low profile and lack of experience, as well as his apparent lack of vision and whether he is up to the job. Many L-NP supporters also mentioned whether the Liberals could be trusted to follow through on the promises they were making as well as concern about potential cuts to health, education and other services. Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine says that although Victorian electors have plenty of questions surrounding the conduct of the Andrews Government on a number of issues, including a perception from many of excessive spending and their closeness to the unions, the strong performance of the Victorian economy this year is likely to prove decisive in re-electing Premier Daniel Andrews to another term.


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