Competition heats up in vehicle servicing as national fleet becomes more reliable

Original article by Roy Morgan
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 23-Nov-18

The proportion of Australian drivers requiring their main vehicle to be serviced or repaired three or more times a year has declined from 30.5% to just 18.4% in the past 11 years, according to Roy Morgan’s latest vehicle servicing survey data. As vehicles become more reliable, the percentage of drivers requiring two or fewer services or repairs a year has correspondingly increased from 69.5% to 81.6% over the same period. Motorists continue to show a preference for dealer-run service centres when their vehicle is new or near-new, with a tendency to shift to local garage service centres as the vehicle ages. This transition is most pronounced at the five-year mark, when many factory warranties or lease-hold agreements expire. The latest auto servicing data is collected as part of Roy Morgan’s Single Source survey, via in-depth, personal interviews conducted face-to-face with over 50,000 Australians per annum in their own homes, including 12,295 who rated their satisfaction level with various kinds of service centres.


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