Bones, Joints, Muscle conditions and Allergies/Cold & Flu most prevalent health issues for Australians

Original article by Roy Morgan
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 9-May-19

A Roy Morgan Single Source survey shows that more than 19.3 million Australians aged 14+ (94.4%) suffered from at least one form of illness or medical condition in 2018. Just over 13.9 million Australians (68%) experienced medical conditions related to Bones, Joints and Muscles, while over 13.8 million (67.6%) suffered from Allergies/Cold & Flu illnesses. Ear, Nose and Throat conditions were experienced by over 11.1 million Australians (54.6%) in 2018, and over 10.1 million (49.5%) suffered from illnesses and conditions related to their Digestive Systems. Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine says that digging into the data shows significant differences between the types of illnesses and conditions that women and men tend to suffer from.


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