Environmental issues seen as the biggest problem facing Australia – for the first time since February 2011

Original article by Roy Morgan
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 5-Nov-19

New in-depth research from Roy Morgan shows that a record 41% of Australians regard Environmental problems as the major concern facing Australia, up 17% points since June. A further 22% (down 12% points) cited Economic problems. This is the lowest level of concern for Economic issues since April 2006, prior to the Global Financial Crisis. Environmental problems are also clearly regarded as the biggest concern facing the World. An unchanged 46% of Australians mentioned some form of Environmental concern as the most important problem facing the World – nearly three times as many as the 16% who mentioned Economic problems. This is the first time Environmental problems have topped the list of concerns facing both Australia and the World since February 2011, when massive floods hit Queensland and its capital city Brisbane, as well as soon after the devastating Black Saturday bush fires in 2009 that killed over 170 Victorians. These are the key findings from a special Roy Morgan online survey of 1,054 Australians aged 14+.


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