Death toll from New Year’s fires up to eight, and rising

Original article by Bo Seo, James Fernyhough, Tom McIlroy
The Australian Financial Review – Page: Online : 2-Jan-20

Seven people have died in the New South Wales bushfires since 31 December, while a man in Gippsland in Victoria has also been reported as having died in the fires there. The NSW Rural Fire Service has advised over 175 homes have burned down on the NSW south coast since 30 December, while over 150 fires continue to burn in NSW and Victoria. Total insured losses from the current bushfire season are approaching $300 million, while the Insurance Council of Australia has stated the NSW government’s ’emergency services levy’ is a deterrent to people and businesses taking out insurance. Western Australia had six fires burning at alert level on the afternoon of 1 January, South Australia was dealing with 52 incidents, while six fires were burning at ‘watch and act’ level in Tasmania.


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