Already 1-in-6 Australian businesses have been affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19)

Original article by Roy Morgan
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 25-Feb-20

In mid-February around 1-in-6 Australian businesses (15%) have already been affected by the coronavirus. This new threat to business comes after 28% of Australian businesses said they have been affected by the extensive bushfires over the last few months, according to a special Roy Morgan Snap SMS Survey of 1,170 Australian businesses. A little over a week after the Australian Government stopped all direct commercial flights to China in early February the coronavirus (COVID-19) is already striking several industries. Around two-fifths of Manufacturers are already reporting being affected, closely followed by a third of Education & training businesses and those in the Wholesale industry. Other industries to already be feeling the effects of the coronavirus include Accommodation & Food services (which includes travel and tourism businesses), Community services, Administrative & Support services and Property & Business services. Meanwhile, a deeper analysis of the industries most heavily impacted by the bushfires/floods shows that over 40% of businesses in the Accommodation and Food services sector, which includes travel and tourism, say they have been affected either ‘A great deal’ or ‘Somewhat’. Around a third of businesses in the Retail and Property & Business services industries have been affected, while there have also been disproportionately large impacts on Manufacturing, Transport, Postal and Warehousing, Public administration & defence, Education & training and Recreation & personal.


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