Potato chips and corn chips the snack foods of choice for parents during lockdown

Original article by Roy Morgan
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 19-May-20

New snack food and confectionery data from Roy Morgan shows that potato chips and corn chips are the most popular snack of Australian parents as a group. Next comes savoury biscuits and crackers, chocolate blocks, chocolate bars, and lollies and sweets. However, there is a salty/sweet preference split depending on the age of the children in the family. The group with the highest proportion of potato chip and corn chip buyers was parents with children aged 12-17, with 64% purchasing these snacks in an average four weeks and 27% buying these more than three times a week. This group also led the savoury biscuits and crackers category (51%). Sweeter snacks are different. Chocolate blocks are most frequently bought by parents of children aged 6-11 (43%), as are chocolate bars (39%). Parents of children aged 0-5 led the lollies and sweets category (34%). The snack food consumption data is taken from Roy Morgan Single Source, compiled by in-depth interviews with over 1,000 Australians each week.


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