11 million Australians visit pubs – mostly for a good feed

Original article by Roy Morgan
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 8-Jul-20

New Roy Morgan data shows that pre-COVID-19, 11 million Australians aged 14+ (52%) were visiting pubs (hotels) for meals or for a drink in an average three months, up from 10 million four years ago. Most visitors to these establishments (9.5 million) go primarily for food. There are also 5.2 million people who do so for the sole purpose of having a drink, while around 3.8 million enjoy visiting pubs for both of these activities at different times. On a State-based level it is South Australians (62%) and Tasmanians (59%) who are proportionally most likely to visit pubs, followed by people in Victoria (54%) and New South Wales (52%). People in Gen X are the leading age group for Australia’s pubs, with nearly 2.76 million (57%) visiting them. Other generations aren’t far behind, with 2.68 million Millennials (54%), 2.4 million Baby Boomers (52%) and 2.4 million in Gen Z (52%) visiting pubs. These findings are from the Roy Morgan Single Source survey in the year to March 2020, derived from in-depth interviews with over 1,000 Australians each week and around 50,000 Australians per year.


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