Consumer Confidence highest for L-NP supporters

Original article by Roy Morgan
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 22-Jul-20

New research into the weekly ANZ-Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence Index shows L-NP supporters have far higher Consumer Confidence in June at 103.3 than either ALP supporters (91.8) or Greens supporters (85.9). In fact, the Consumer Confidence of L-NP supporters has been consistently higher than either ALP or Greens supporters over the last year following the unexpected victory of the L-NP at last year’s Federal Election. Consumer Confidence for supporters of all three parties bottomed during the height of the national lockdown in April but the lowest Consumer Confidence for L-NP supporters, of 87.3 in April, was still higher than for Greens supporters during either of the last two months in both May and June. Consumer Confidence for ALP supporters hit a low of only 73.0 in April, lower than for supporters of either the L-NP or Greens. L-NP supporters have consistently been more confident than both ALP and Greens supporters across all five indicators of the index. The biggest contributors to the higher L-NP scores relate to views on the Australian economy and whether now is a good or bad time to buy major household items.


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