It’s official: golf is good for you!

Original article by Roy Morgan Research
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 17-Nov-16

A Roy Morgan Single Source survey has found that 9.3% of Australians aged 18+ (just over 1.7 million) play golf either regularly or occasionally, putting it among our 10 most popular forms of exercise. The survey also shows that between July 2015 and June 2016, 25.8% of Australian adults reported experiencing stress at some point in the preceding 12 months; 18.3% reported having anxiety; 15.1% had depression; and 5.4% suffered at least one panic attack. Among people who play golf, these figures fell to 22.5% for stress, 11.9% for anxiety, 8.7% for depression and 3.0% for panic attacks. The data also reveals that even watching golf on TV appears to have a positive effect on the viewer’s mental health, with golf viewers reporting below-average incidences of anxiety, depression, panic attacks and stress.


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