Over 3 in 4 Australians are consuming magazines across print and online

Original article by Roy Morgan Research
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 10-Nov-17

Roy Morgan Research has released the Australian Magazine Readership report for the 12 months to September 2017. A total of 12,577,000 Australians aged 14+ (62.9 per cent) read print magazines, up 2,000 from a year ago. The audience reach of magazines is extended to 15,005,000 Australians aged 14+ (77.8 per cent) when you include magazine reading online (either via the web or an app). The withdrawal of major publishers from audited circulation results for magazines in 2016 means Roy Morgan’s readership results are the only truly independent measure of magazine performance now available. "Coles Magazine" remains the most widely-read print magazine, with an average readership of 3,975,000 per issue (up 8.3 per cent). Meanwhile, nine of Australia’s 10 leading magazines ranked by cross-platform audiences retain a significantly larger readership via their print editions than their digital offerings – a clear contrast to their print newspaper cousins.


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