Online sales of life insurance grow to 349,000

Original article by Roy Morgan
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 22-Jan-18

A Roy Morgan Single Source survey shows that the proportion of Australians aged 18+ who buy life insurance online has grown from 4.6% in 2012 (168,000 policies) to 10.8% in 2017 (349,000). This represents growth of 108% in policies over the last five years. This growth rate is the highest of all channels used to obtain life insurance. The survey, which was conducted in the year to November, also shows that 24.7% of life insurance policies have been obtained by telephoning insurance companies directly, closely followed by using an employer (23.9%). However, the trend over the last five years shows that going direct by telephone is down from 26.0% to 24.7%. On the other hand, the proportion obtaining life insurance through employers has increased from 18.5% to 23.9% over the last five years.


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