15 million Australians read magazines across print & online

Original article by Roy Morgan
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 9-Feb-18

Roy Morgan has released the Australian Magazine Readership report for the 12 months to December 2017. A total of 12,565,000 Australians aged 14+ (62.5 per cent) read print magazines – down 93,000 (0.7 per cent) from a year ago. However, the audience reach of magazines is extended to 15 million Australians 14+ when you include magazine reading online (either via the web or an app). The withdrawal of major publishers from audited circulation results for magazines just over a year ago means Roy Morgan’s readership results continue to be the only truly independent measure of magazine performance now available. "Coles Magazine" remains the most widely-read print magazine, with an average readership of 4,152,000 per issue (up 11.3 per cent). Meanwhile, seven of Australia’s 10 leading magazines ranked by cross-platform audiences retain a significantly larger readership via their print editions than their digital offerings – a clear contrast to their print newspaper cousins, although this picture is slowly changing as more magazine publishers expand and refine their online offerings.


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