Almost 9-in-10 Australians take medication of some kind

Original article by Roy Morgan
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 22-May-18

A Roy Morgan Single Source survey shows that 17.8 million (88.7%) of Australians aged 14+ take medication in an average 12-month period. Some 9.4 million women (or 92.6%) took medications in the year to December 2017, compared to just under 8.4 million men (84.8%). The most widely taken medications are General medications such as aspirin, taken by 77.3% of Australians. This is followed by Allergies/Antihistamine/Cold & flu medications (42.9%), Vitamins/Supplements (42.5%) and Digestive system medications (26.4%). Women are more likely to take almost all types of medications than men with the exception of Heart & circulation medication (taken by 19.6% of men compared to 18.6% of women).


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