More girls save money but boys receive more

Original article by Roy Morgan
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 22-May-18

The Roy Morgan Young Australian Survey has found that nearly 77% of kids aged 6-13 have money saved up. Some 79% of girls have savings, compared to 75% of boys. The survey, which was carried in the six months to December 2017, also shows that on average, boys have a total of $279.90 saved up, compared to girls who have an average of $268.68 saved. This is an extra $11.22 boys have saved on average compared to girls. Yet more girls are saving than boys. Meanwhile, girls on average receive 50 cents more a week than boys, whether for pocket money or chores, or extra money for school expenses. Yet boys on average receive more money as gifts, from birthdays to Christmas and from relatives.


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