Australians worried about online privacy but slow to act

Original article by Roy Morgan
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 9-Jul-18

A Roy Morgan study into online privacy has found that around 90% of Australians aged +14 say it is unacceptable for companies to collect personal financial data (15% say it is "somewhat unacceptable" and 77% say it is "very unacceptable"), to scrape the contents of messages or emails (20% somewhat and 69% very unacceptable), or to collect health and medical data (15% somewhat and 74% very unacceptable) for the purpose of tailoring ads and offers to consumers. Less than 5% deem these practices to be acceptable (either very or somewhat acceptable). However, despite these concerns only around 15% of Australians claim to "always" or "often" read terms and conditions when signing up for online services, and over 54% rarely or never read them. The findings are based on interviews with a representative sample of 967 Australians drawn from Roy Morgan’s Single Source panel in June 2018.


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