Inflation Expectations of Home Owners lower than a year ago

Original article by Roy Morgan
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 20-Aug-18

Australians aged +14 expect inflation of 4.3% per year over the next two years, according to the Roy Morgan Inflation Expectations Index for July 2018. This is down 0.2% from a month ago, and unchanged from July 2017. Inflation Expectations have now tracked in a narrow range between 4.3-4.5% for 13 straight months. Inflation Expectations remain well below the eight-year average of 5.0%. Analysis shows that Inflation Expectations for home owners in the three months to July 2018 dropped to 3.8%, down 0.1% on the same period a year ago, while Australians who are paying off their home had Inflation Expectations of 4.1% in the three months to July, up 0.1% on a year ago although still below the national average. Inflation Expectations for renter were at 5% for the three months to July, up by 0.2% from a year ago. July Inflation Expectations are based on a nationwide face-to-face survey of 5,288 Australians aged 14+.


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