The launch of the new monthly Take 5 magazine has Take 5 readership over 1 million for first time

Original article by Roy Morgan
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 12-Nov-18

A Roy Morgan Single Source survey shows that the launch of the new monthly "Take 5" magazine early in 2018 has proven a winner. Some 736,000 Australians read the monthly magazine in the four months to September, while readership of the traditional weekly magazine was 520,000. A total of 1,016,000 Australians read either the weekly or monthly magazine in the four months to September. The research also shows that only 242,000 Australians read both magazines, with the majority of readers of the new monthly magazine not being existing readers of the weekly magazine. A positive outcome from the launch of "Take 5 Monthly" is that the new magazine has attracted a far higher male readership; 28.8% of its readership are men, compared to only 19.4% of "Take 5 Weekly" magazine’s readership. Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine says the positive impact that "Take 5 Monthly" has had so far shows that the ability to leverage a well-known title to launch a magazine with similar content and an existing audience can not only appeal to the traditional readers of a magazine but also attract a new readership willing to give an old favourite another look.


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