The Saltbush Club: skilled and thinking Australians concerned at the huge costs and unproven benefits of the climate, energy and infrastructure policies on both sides of Federal Parliament

Original article by Viv Forbes – Page: Online : 16-Nov-18

A newly formed lobby group called the Saltbush Club is calling for Australia to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement. Jerry Ellis, founding chairman of the Club and a former chairman of BHP, contends that Australia’s efforts to reach its Paris targets have led to higher electricity prices and unreliable power supply. Hugh Morgan, a former CEO of Western Mining and director of the Saltbush Club, states that the Climate Agreement is really about the transfer of wealth to less developed nations. Saltbush organiser Viv Forbes claims that the United Nations is seeking to cripple western industry with high and unreliable electricity in a “futile attempt to control global climate”.

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Viv Forbes (

Also read a more detailed article in regards to the Saltbush Club available here:


65 thoughts on “The Saltbush Club: skilled and thinking Australians concerned at the huge costs and unproven benefits of the climate, energy and infrastructure policies on both sides of Federal Parliament

  1. I am in total aggreement, I have tried to have my views that the main polical parties and the press will not look at the observed data in relation to this climate fraud.I am 80years of age,a retired senior technical officer with the C.S. I.R.O for 37 years, a cert. mechanical engineer and involved in developing instrumentation to investigate utra microhardness of thin films ( a world first.) ,utrasonics used in medical research,Defence , research for the boeing company and a project for NASA plus others.I fully support the views of the Saltbush Club.

    • Well said, good Sir. I am only 64 years old, yet I well remember when the CSIRO was held with the same regard as the ‘Walter and Eliza Hall institute’. I have a life-long love of science, starting from the age of 2 years, with the launch of Sputnik. It is amazing to me to see science become so compromised and corrupted with this ‘climate’ fraud that we now see. I have never been a member of any club before, but I may sign up to this ‘Saltbush’ group.

    • Hi Denis, with you mate. Have also sent emails to politicians with my views and dismay at the direction we are heading in, but get placated thanks….. The whole Paris thing is about wealth redistribution, socialism 101, history is lost in our schools and manipulated in universities. I remember as a kid “better dead than red”, I support what saltbush is trying to do but they need to go national via all media to alert the public. Would gladly join their cause. How do we join ???

  2. What is needed is to get the public on side ask yourself what does the average person watch , listen to or read that is were the message needs to be told. Schools there is a growing support amongst the high school kids for conservative issues the grandparents are old school and have numbers politicians are gutless . Mobile phones instagram face book etc is the new way to communicate. The Saltbush club is so needed let me know what I the forgotten self employed worker. Kind regards Graeme

    • A great idea forming the saltbush club when i go out into the centre of this magnificent country we are shown the layers of the hills and valleys that the layers go back thousands years and a lot of them show when this location was covered by the sea all these processes take thousands of years tell them where shove their climate change

  3. Jerry Ellis and Viv Forbes are living in a fantasy world. Base Load Solar power is now the cheapest form of energy on the planet. They obviously haven’t done their sums. Solar power has also lowered the wholesale price of power across the country and significantly reduced the peak power usage in summer which has resulted in far less rolling brown outs here in WA . My small 2 KW system cost $10,000.00 before subsidies 9 years ago and even at that very expensive price, I calculated its pumping power into my home at 12 cents per unit. The systems on the market now are now much cheaper and more efficient, so they would be producing at 6 cents or less and that’s before subsidies. Coupled Battery storage is cheap, efficient and very effective and will not only help renewables but Coal fired power as well. It would be very easy to roll battery storage out and retire the oldest coal fired stations. This would improve the economics of the remaining stations as they would be better utilized and as more capacity is required just install cheap solar or wind- just common sense !!

    • Hi Shane,
      Yes, batteries are getting cheaper but are getting more expensive to dispose of.
      What is the program for disposal in forward years if all these batteries need replacing. Should households decide not to replace their batteries and again put a load on the grid.
      I will support what is good for the environment as long as there is no impact caused in other areas as a result.
      Have you any future plans dealing with this problem for this system?

      • Hey Brian, good point. The Australian government needs to show some leadership in this area, as its not just lithium batteries that is a problem. Glass, Plastic etc are not being effectively recycled in this country. For example I’m hearing recycled plastic and glass is now being used as road base, which to me is downcycling at best. There needs to be legislation put in place to ensure good
        recycling systems are put in place and that certain products are made from recycled materials to create the demand for the recycled materials collected in the first place, i.e. close the loop. Envirostream in Victoria I believe is a new company recycling the lithium batteries here in Australia. Maybe there needs to be a levy at the point of sale to cover the cost of recycling!!

    • Ok so why don’t the countries like India and China take that view instead of building hundreds of coal fired power stations using Australia’s ‘clean’ coal ? I totally agree that every home/business. anyone with a roof top, should have solar panels, but it’s not enough just now, one day for sure…..but to keep our economy strong over the next couple of decades at least, until solar and wind power etc really become a major player (and standing on their own feet), we need those coal fired power stations….I actually think nuclear power would be a cleaner option than coal but can’t see that happening in today’s political environment.

    • I think you are living in a fantasy world Shane. While I was receiving 60cents kw subsidy for the power made by my 3kw Solar panels they were having, now that the subsidy has ceased the return on them is a pitance, they cannot stand on their own without a subsidy.

    • Could you please explain to me Shane how is it that my power bill is now at least %80 more than two years ok.

      • Batteries can be made to whatever size you would like if you need 1000MW then that can be built now, and that’s probably about the size every state needs to improve the power systems efficiency. There no point in having say 10 coal fired power stations if you only need the ten to meet a small peak power period during the hottest or coldest days. It would be much better to have less power power stations running at a higher capacity and meet the peak times with a power storage system.
        A large battery storage system would be the equivalent of one large coal fired power station but the benefit would be far greater in terms of a return for the investment.

  4. The Spectator Australia
    Article – What’s going to happen to Malcolm’s great green elephant?
    Grandly named “Snowy 2.0 Hydro-Electric”,
    Have read the article and also the german article embedded in the report.
    These are my sentiments
    Time to get the politicians by the scruff of the neck and tell them to read and research the facts instead of being led by their noses.

    God forbid what a disaster.

  5. Please advise how someone can become a member, I believe this one the most worthiest causes of our Generation. Please respond, Mandy

  6. I’d like to get beside these people they think, not just follow. Get out of the Paris accord. We should be a rich Nation and it’s people but the people who pay taxes are being treated like dummies and only politicians are getting paid the big bucks.

  7. Australians need to speak out! I wont to be part of a group of people who are open to options about climate change. My grand children need me to speak up now and stop this rubbish. Paris agreement is fundamentally wrong and a load of crap!!

  8. Can any one tell me how come Aussies do not have to wear masks to breathe, yet when you go to almost any other country on the planet you almost get choked from so called climate changing gasses. Aussies are burdened by carbon taxes, the Australian communists (labor and the greens) are pushing more and more to take away from the real issues. I believe these parties are aligned to the Brittiania computer campaign fraud of the U.S. elections to use social media informatiom to change normal Aussies to vote for them

  9. Congratulations Jerry-am getting too old to make a big noise but will continue to support your comments at the appropriate place .John Risby

  10. I am in complete agreement with your agenda. I hope your efforts can influence the government to take Australia out of this fraudulent scheme that is destroying our economic base.

  11. AGW/Climate Change is not true. In the Medieval Period there was the Medieval Warming Period. The climate in Europe was much warmer than today. It was a time of great prosperity. The people built wonderful cathedrals which are still standing today. After the Second World War industrial production increased massively. In the post-war period the world climate actually got colder. The AGW warming theory does not stand up to temperature data.

  12. Changes in the levels of the seas are measured in (a few) centimeters per year. If any forecast of next day’s weather can be completely wrong, how could so many people believe a sea level rise of SIX HUNDRED centimeters in a couple of decades? Is anybody able to fathom the surface concerned, 350+ million square kilometers? Where does all that water come from?

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