Chinese cuisine most popular, but Aussies still love McDonald’s

Original article by Roy Morgan
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 18-Feb-19

A Roy Morgan Single Source survey shows that more than 14.2 million Australians aged 14+ like to eat Chinese cuisine, up from 13.5 million four years ago. This is followed by Italian, Thai, Indian, Mexican, Japanese, Greek, Middle Eastern, Lebanese and French cuisine. The growth in preference for Chinese cuisine has kept pace with population growth, while all other top 10 leading cuisines are today liked by a greater proportion of Australians than they were four years ago. The biggest improvers over the last four years are led by Japanese cuisine, which more than 8.5 million Australians (42%) now like to eat, up from 6.9 million (36%) four years ago. Meanwhile, 58% of Australians (11.9 million) report visiting a quick service restaurant in an average four weeks, up from 57% (10.9 million) four years ago. The two most popular quick service restaurants are McDonald’s which is visited by over 6.4 million Australians (32%) in an average four-week period, and KFC now visited by nearly 4.7 million Australians (23%) in an average four weeks. The Single Source survey is based on in-depth personal interviews conducted with over 50,000 Australians each year in their own homes.


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