NSW snowfields move further ahead of Victorian rivals in 2019

Original article by Roy Morgan
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 19-Aug-19

The latest tourism data from Roy Morgan shows that 49% of Australians 14+ who regularly or occasionally go skiing or snowboarding say they would like to visit at least one of the nation’s snow areas within the next two years; this is up 2% on a year ago. Driving the increase over the last two years is an increasing preference for the New South Wales Snowfields/High Country area, now mentioned by 35% of skiers/snowboarder as a destination for a holiday during the next two years (up 4% points on a year ago). Thredbo/Perisher/Smiggins is clearly the most popular Australian snow resort area, mentioned by 29% of skiers/snowboarders (up 1% point on a year ago) while other Snowy Mountains resorts are mentioned by 10% of skiers/snowboarders (up 2% points in a year). The leading Victorian snow fields have lost ground on their NSW counterparts over the last year, with 22% of skiers/snowboarders looking to visit the Victorian snow fields for a holiday during the next two years (down 2% points on a year ago). This decline has been spread across the major resorts, with all three experiencing a decline compared to a year ago. Mt Hotham continues to lead the way as the preferred snow destination in Victoria, mentioned by 11% of skiers/snowboarders (down 2% points), ahead of Falls Creek on 10% (down 1% point) and Mt. Buller on 7% (down 5% points).


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