Uber dominates but faces growing competition from Ola and DiDi in an expanding rideshare market

Original article by Roy Morgan
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 20-Feb-20

A special Roy Morgan study into Australia’s rideshare market shows Uber maintaining a strong grasp on the industry. However, other services such as Ola and DiDi are now providing users with alternative options in an increasingly competitive national market. Of those who use a rideshare service in an average three months, a total of 93% ride with Uber followed by Ola (20%) and DiDi (14%), who have each gained significant shares. There is then a significant gap to smaller services including Bolt (4%), Shebah (2%) GoCatch (2%), Rydo (1%) and Shofer (1%). This new Roy Morgan data has been obtained from a study of Australia’s growing rideshare market. The study looked at what types of people use rideshare services, such as where they live, their level of education, work status and income. It also examined the satisfaction ratings of each rideshare service. Of the leading rideshare providers, Uber has clearly the highest customer satisfaction rating of 88%. It is followed by DiDi on 75%, and Ola on 72%.


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