12.7 million Australians use streaming music services

Original article by Roy Morgan
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 17-Jun-20

Over 12.7 million Australians (61%) now use music streaming services in an average four weeks, an increase of over 3.7 million from three years ago. Spotify is the clear market leader, used by 8 million Australians; it has more than doubled its Australian user-base since 2017, up by 4.4 million (+122%). The most prominent rival to Spotify is clearly YouTube Music (including Google Play Music), now used by 5.5 million Australians (26%). Apple Music and SoundCloud are each used by substantial numbers of Australians as the third and fourth most popular services in the music streaming market. It is important to understand that these figures do not include all live radio streams and podcasts that Australians are able to listen to via these services. Early in 2019 over 1.6 million Australians downloaded podcasts in an average four weeks, and there are many others who livestream radio broadcasts of sporting events and talkback radio as well. In contrast to these growing services a declining minority of 8.1 million Australians (39%) do not currently use any music streaming services, a drop of 2.7 million from three years ago.


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