High satisfaction ratings for chemists and pharmacies as Australia faced bushfires and then the COVID-19 pandemic

Original article by Roy Morgan
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 17-Jun-20

Research conducted by Roy Morgan in the year to March 2020 shows that 12 million Australians (57%) shop at chemists/pharmacies in an average four weeks. The leading stores, including Priceline Pharmacy, My Chemist, TerryWhite Chemmart and Chemist Warehouse, each have well over 1 million customers. Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine says that the good news for chemists and pharmacies is that the 12 million customers of Australia’s chemists/ pharmacies rate their customer satisfaction amongst the highest of any of the more than 30 industries Roy Morgan measures on a weekly basis. Overall customer satisfaction for chemists/pharmacies averages a very high 90.5% and is in third position out of 32 industries. Chemists/Pharmacies rank behind only car manufacturers (92.3%) and hardware stores (90.8%). This high satisfaction for the industry is across the board and the top eight chemists and pharmacies are separated by a total of only 5% points.


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