Inflation Expectations down to new record low in June of 3.2%

Original article by Roy Morgan
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 13-Jul-20

In June, Australians expected inflation of 3.2% annually over the next two years; this result signified a new record low for the index – down 0.1% points on May and 0.8% points on the pre-COVID period of February 2020. Inflation Expectations have declined around the nation; however, the magnitude of the drop has been far larger in some places than others – notably Melbourne where Inflation Expectations have dropped 0.9% points since February to only 2.8% in June. The biggest decline has been in Tasmania, down from 4.9% in February to 2.9% in June, as Hobart’s formerly hot housing market has cooled during the COVID-19 pandemic. Adelaide experienced the least change, with Inflation Expectations of 3.7% in June down only 0.1% points since February, while expectations in Brisbane, Sydney and Perth are down by 0.5-0.6%. Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine says the rapid decline in Inflation Expectations in recent months is a sign of ongoing economic weakness as Australia experiences its first recession for three decades.


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