W-League grows TV viewership as Australia & NZ awarded hosting rights for 2023 Women’s World Cup

Original article by Roy Morgan
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 22-Jul-20

New research from Roy Morgan shows the W-League’s TV viewership is growing even as other Soccer competitions experienced viewership declines. A record high 879,000 Australians watch the W-League on TV, up 265,000 (+43%) on a year ago. However, the W-League’s TV viewership growth was not enough to make up for the declines in viewership for the FIFA World Cup, English Premier League, A-League and other forms of Soccer compared to a year ago. Now 4,098,000 Australians watch any of the listed Soccer competitions, down from 4,577,000 a year ago – a drop of 479,000 (-10%). The FIFA World Cup is easily the most popular Soccer competition on Australian TV with 3,391,000 viewers, although this is down 471,000 (-12%) on a year ago. Although the W-League is growing its TV viewership a concern for the local sporting authorities will be the decline in TV viewership for the men’s A-League, now with 1,748,000 viewers, down 305,000 (-15%) on a year ago. The local men’s competition has now been overtaken by the English Premier League which has a TV viewership of 1,794,000.


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