Movement plunged in the Sydney CBD, Brisbane CBD and Perth CBD as all three were placed into lockdown

Original article by Roy Morgan
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 9-Jul-21

A special analysis of movement data in Australia’s Capital City CBDs since the COVID-19 pandemic began shows that movement in the CBDs of Sydney, Brisbane and Perth plunged over the last week as all three were placed into lockdown to deal with the latest COVID-19 outbreaks in each city. The average 7-day movement level in the Sydney CBD last week was at its lowest since the pandemic began more than a year ago, at only 11% of pre-COVID-19 averages. This is a drop of 48% points since movement levels reached a 2021 high of 59% of pre-pandemic averages during the Easter holidays in early April. There were also record low movement levels last week in both the Brisbane CBD, at only 23% of pre-pandemic averages, and Perth CBD at only 25%. The movement levels in Australia’s 3rd and 4th largest cities dropped rapidly after the respective Premiers announced snap lockdowns just over a week ago. Meanwhile, the average movement levels in the Melbourne CBD have increased by 10% points to 22% of pre-pandemic averages since the recent lockdown of the city, with mandatory mask-wearing in offices and factories only ending this week. Despite this increase, movement levels in the Melbourne CBD remain slightly below the averages in both the Brisbane and Perth CBDs. Unsurprisingly movement levels are highest in the only two State Capital Cities to avoid recent lockdowns, at 45% of pre-pandemic levels in the Adelaide CBD and at 40% in the Hobart CBD last week. Roy Morgan has partnered with leading technology innovator UberMedia to aggregate data from tens of thousands of mobile devices to assess the movements of Australians as we deal with the restrictions imposed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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