L-NP (47.5%) gains ground on the ALP (52.5%) after PM Morrison calls on States to stick to re-opening plans

Original article by Roy Morgan
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 15-Sep-21

The latest Roy Morgan Poll on Federal voting intention shows that ALP support has dropped to 52.5% (down 2% points since late August) cf. L-NP on 47.5% (up 2% points) on a two-party preferred basis. This was the first increase in support for the L-NP since mid-June, before the current Sydney lockdown began. The 2% points swing to the L-NP over the first two weeks of September is the largest this year and comes after Prime Minister Scott Morrison and other members of the Federal Government called on the States to stick to the re-opening plan agreed in National Cabinet. If a Federal Election were held now the ALP would be elected with a similar margin to that won by Kevin Rudd at the 2007 Federal Election (ALP 52.7% cf. L-NP 47.3%). Primary support for the L-NP was up 1% point to 39.5% in mid-September and is now ahead of the ALP on 35%, down 3.5% points. However, there was an increase in support for the Greens, up 1.5% points to 13%. Support for One Nation was unchanged at 3% while support for Independents/Others was up by 1% point to 10.5%. Interviewing for the latest Roy Morgan Poll was conducted over the weekends of September 4/5 and 11/12, 2021 with a nationally representative cross-section of 2,753 Australian electors using a combination of telephone and online interviews (multi-mode).


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