ANZ-Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence increases 3.1pts to 103.1 after NSW Government outlines re-opening plan for mid-October

Original article by Roy Morgan
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 15-Sep-21

ANZ-Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence rose 3.1pts to 103.1 on September 11/12, after the NSW Government outlined its plans for re-opening Sydney in mid-October, when over 70% of residents are set to be fully vaccinated. Consumer Confidence remains well below the 2021 weekly average of 108.7, but it is now 10.7 points higher than the same week a year ago (92.4). Consumer Confidence was up this week in both NSW and Victoria and into positive territory in both States. The biggest increase was in Sydney, which rose 10.3pts (+10.6%) to 107.1; Consumer Confidence also jumped in Melbourne, up 6.4pts (+6.6%) to 103.6. Now 27% (up 1ppt) of Australians say their families are ‘better off’ financially than this time last year, while 28% (down 1ppt) say their families are ‘worse off’ financially. In addition, 37% (up 3ppts) of Australians expect their family to be ‘better off’ financially this time next year, and only 14% (down 2ppts) expect to be ‘worse off’ financially. Some 14% (up 3ppts) of Australians expect ‘good times’ for the Australian economy over the next 12 months, while 26% (down 2ppts) expect ‘bad times’. Meanwhile, 35% (up 2ppts) of Australians say now is a ‘good time to buy’ major household items, while 32% (down 2ppts) say now is a ‘bad time to buy’.


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