Cheap and fast NBN service attracts broadband switchers

Original article by Roy Morgan
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 18-Dec-17

A Roy Morgan Single Source survey has found that 15% of Australian households that now have an NBN connection at home either switched to the NBN or switched their NBN fixed broadband service provider in the last 12 months. Some 53.7% of decision makers – those who are considered to be the decision makers in their household when it comes to technology – cited "cheaper rates" as the reason for choosing the new plan in the six months to September 2017, almost double the rate of a year ago (26.9%) and far higher than existing fixed broadband users (28.9%). Fixed broadband decision makers making the switch to a new NBN Service Provider in the last year were also far more likely than a year ago to mention faster data connection/download speeds (31.6% cf. 17.8%) and clear pricing of the plan (29.5% cf. 22.3%). Meanwhile, decision makers that switched to an ADSL or Cable fixed broadband service provider were also just as likely to choose based on faster connection and download speeds (30.5% cf. 31.6% for NBN) although clearly less likely to nominate cheaper rates (38.8% cf. 53.7% for NBN) or clear pricing of the plan (24.2% cf. 29.5% for NBN).


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