Uber soars and well-placed to tackle rising competition

Original article by Roy Morgan
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 18-Dec-17

A Roy Morgan Single Source survey has found that nearly 3.7 million Australians 14+ (18.4% of the population) travelled by Uber in the last three months. The strongest percentage growth of Uber users since 2015 has been among those aged 35+, although all age groups have experienced incredible growth. However, 58.7% of Uber users are still aged under 35 – either 14-24 (25.1%) or 25-34 (33.6%) with a further 23.4% aged 35-49 and 17.9% aged 50+. These proportions represent a significant percentage change from 2015, when over three-quarters of Uber travellers were aged under 35. Meanwhile, the growth of Uber, and the entry of new ride-hailing apps, has had a definite impact on the level of taxi patronage around Australia, although Western Australia is the only State in which more residents have travelled by Uber in the last three months (23.9%) than via a taxi (19.6%) – also the lowest rate of taxi patronage in the nation.


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