TV main source of news – and most trusted

Original article by Roy Morgan
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 15-Oct-18

A Roy Morgan Single Source survey has found that over 13 million Australians (65.6%) now say TV is a main source of news. This includes over 12.6 million (62.3%) who specifically nominate free-to-air TV. The internet is used as a main source of news by 11.7 million Australians (57.8%); social media is the leading source of online news, used by 7.5 million (36.7%). Printed newspapers are used by 6.3 million (31.1%) while 5.5 million (27.3%) mainly get their news via newspaper or other news websites or apps. Radio is nominated by 9.2 million Australians (45.5%) as a main news source. Meanwhile, TV is regarded as the most trusted source of news by nearly 7.5 million Australians (36.7%), followed by radio (15.9%), news and newspaper websites/apps (12.3%) and print newspapers (11.2%). Only 4.3% consider social media to be their most trusted source of news. This is in line with Roy Morgan’s research of "Trust" and "Distrust", which showed that social media is the least trusted media.


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