LaTrobe University Bold Thinking Series – Is Democracy Broken featuring Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine, Tony Walker, Mark Textor and others (Video)

Original article by Roy Morgan
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 29-Oct-18

The high turnover of Prime Ministers in Australia suggests a democratic system showing signs of a broader political malaise. Analysing the state of Australian politics means understanding the interplay of "trust" and, even more importantly "distrust" in politics. (Vid 15:40). Levine asserts that "Trust is more important than ever before. When we’re all unnerved and uncertain, trust is absolutely critical. So trust is really the foundation of all human connections. It’s the glue." (Vid: 23:15). Levine on the importance of polls even considering the challenges faced in this day and age: "It’s really really important and we shouldn’t knock these polls completely. Polls are actually the voice of the people" and "Our leaders really need to understand what people, everybody’s fears, are." (Vid: 1:04:30) Roy Morgan Executive Chairman Gary Morgan posed a question about Australian democracy – to Katharine Murphy of the Guardian – "What have you done about correcting the error on what you published in the Guardian the ReachTel poll commissioned by Greenpeace" (on the Wentworth by-election). Murphy responded by expressing concern about "single seat polls" and "the rise of activists groups commissioning polls in order to massage public opinion in various ways and a lot of those activist commissioned polls have push poll questions that elicit certain responses from voters". For the full video of the discussion access the video here:


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