Roy Morgan partners with Mobilewalla to create Australia’s largest device-based engagement and data enrichment platform

Original article by Roy Morgan
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 30-Oct-18

Thousands of Roy Morgan segments are now available across seven million Australian mobile devices to enable brand advertisers and media agencies to optimise the planning and buying of their next mobile campaign. Roy Morgan and Mobilewalla have announced a strategic partnership, leveraging Roy Morgan’s unique industry-based consumer segments together with Mobilewalla’s panel of more than seven million mobile devices in Australia, one million devices in New Zealand, and 20 million devices in Indonesia. These mobile devices can be engaged not only based on the location of the device, but also using thousands of Roy Morgan segments such as Helix Personas. Engagement is available through a wide range of DSPs including Google DBM, the Trade Desk, and the Adobe network. The platform can also be used to append the Roy Morgan customer segments and mobile-based behavioural data to clients’ own mobile device pools, effectively enriching their own device data. These devices can then be served advertising based upon time and location.


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