News and Reality TV are the most popular TV genres

Original article by Roy Morgan
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 15-May-19

The latest research from Roy Morgan confirms that News is the most watched TV genre in an average week, seen by 61% of Australians aged 14+. The second most watched TV genre in Australia is Reality TV, seen by 41% of Australians in an average week, while 34% watch Current Affairs shows. Coming in next and watched by 33% of Australians are Quiz/Game Shows, followed by TV Sport (32%). This research is based on interviews with over 50,000 Australians during 2018 as part of the Roy Morgan Single Source survey. Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine says this spread of varied TV genres underlines the importance attached to understanding the different types of Australians that are attracted to these very different shows. To get the most ‘bang for the advertising buck’ it is vital to have a full understanding of who is watching what.


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