Uber set to overtake taxis in Australia

Original article by Roy Morgan
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 9-Jul-19

New research from Roy Morgan shows that 4.4 million Australians aged 14+ (21.5% of the population) now use Uber in an average three months, while 4.5 million (21.7%) use taxis. Uber officially launched in Australia in late 2012, and it has really taken off over the last three years. Patronage of Uber has grown from 6.6% in mid-2016 to 21.5% now, an increase of 14.9ppts in less than three years. During the same time, fewer Australians are using taxis but the decline has been far gentler down from 24.4% in mid-2016 to 21.7% now, a drop of only 2.7ppts. Analysis using Roy Morgan’s Technology Adoption Segments shows that Uber has been a big hit with "Technology Early Adopters", with 40% travelling by Uber in an average three months (compared to 30% that have travelled by taxi). Those in the "Digital Life" segment are also more likely to have travelled by Uber (23%) than by taxi (16%). However taxis (30%) still hold a marginal advantage amongst the "Professional Technology Mainstream", ahead of Uber (26%). Taxis are also the preferred personal transportation vehicle of choice for "Technophobes"; nearly twice as many travel by taxis (17%) than travel by Uber (10%).


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